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Our long standing experience operating in the FMCG industry, coupled with superior systems and the biggest range of services, makes us the preferred choice for both suppliers and retailers.
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Preferred Supplier to the FMCG Industry

With over 16 years experience in providing images and product data, and our regular contact with daily users, Images in Space provides an easy to use, fool-proof service to the FMCG industry.

Both Progressive and Foodstuffs say that Images in Space is their preferred supplier of images and data for their mailers and on-line stores. Feedback from users says our system is the easiest to use.

Our service is designed to meet the needs of both retailers and suppliers, providing accurate and up to date images and data.

New Zealand's Most Comprehensive Databases

We supply over 85% of the high resolution images used in FMCG print advertising via our iBank database.

Fetch contains over 100,000 images and is the recognised source of images and dimension data for planograms and on-line stores.

Our nutritional database contains accurate and up to date information on ingredients, Nutritional Information Panel, allergen warnings, endorsements, health and nutritional claims supporting on-line stores and mobile Apps for consumers.
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Wide Range of Value Added Services

Our services span from the start of the product development cycle through to aiding your marketing in both domestic and export markets.

They provide convenience to many parts of an organisation including product development, marketing, sales, export, merchandising and nutritional insights.

We cover product photography, bar code verification, image management, sales catalogues and tools to deliver images and related product data to a wide range of users.

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Innovation is in our DNA

Images in Space has a culture of innovation.

We like to develop new ways of adding value to our customers, with products like the Nutritional Database and Foodeye.

So when you join us you will be the first to have access to any new innovation we come up with and get the benefit of knowing we are doing whatever we can to make your life easier.

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About Us
Images in Space is an independent, New Zealand owned and long established company specialising in complete digital asset management services, from product photography to storage and sharing of digital assets. 
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