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iBank is a large, on-line image library for storing, managing and distributing brand and product imagery between Suppliers and their business partners.
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Makes Life Easy for Retailers

The cloud based service is available 24/7 from any Internet connected computer, and contains New Zealand's most extensive range of high resolution product images.

It has been designed to work seamlessly with graphic design workflows with simple searches, quick downloads and the assurance that the correct content is always available.

By setting industry standards for sizing, cropping and file naming conventions along with the use of our QPN numbers, iBank is recognised as the image library of choice.

You have control

Images and brand assets in iBank can be set to Public, Private or Restricted to control what can be seen by individual users.

Geographical zones can be assigned to images to manage world-wide accessibility.

New products can be loaded with a release date that determines when your product becomes Public, giving you more time to manage your marketing.
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Convenient Trusted Service

By developing a knowledge of our customer's needs we have streamlined the process of photographing and entering new products.

Our team of experts have developed systems to ensure all aspects of your product and data are entered and stored correctly.

In most cases all it takes is a single phone call or email and we have all the information we need. Simply send us your product and we take care of everything else.

Stay Informed

Our proactive approach means reviewing your images is easy.

We regularly send you a summary of the images we hold so you can quickly see if anything needs to be updated. Alternatively you can request a summary at any time.

By staying on top of any product changes in your organisation you can maximise your marketing efforts and avoid costly errors.
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About Us
Images in Space is an independent, New Zealand owned and long established company specialising in complete digital asset management services, from product photography to storage and sharing of digital assets. 
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