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ProofIt is a simple, fast and efficient way to review and approve design iterations for material such as packaging, point of sale, catalogues, brochures, or any material which requires proofing.
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Simultaneous Markup

Imagine a system where multiple people can comment and make changes on the proof and it is updated instantly.

No more printing out hard copies and highlighting multiple changes, chasing up people who never seem to be at their desk.

Everybody can post their comments simultaneously from anywhere, dramatically reducing delays.

Compare Iterations

Take control by automatically locking early versions of a proof so that no more comments can be posted by users. Comments can only be assigned to the latest version eliminating errors and streamlining the process. Proof versions can be compared side by side to easily confirm that all amendments have been actioned.

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Real-time Comments

Track what your colleagues are saying and respond to their comments instantly.

Users participate in a timely manner, knowing that their comments are added and seen by colleagues as soon as they are saved.

Resolve misunderstandings or confusion by dealing with issues early in the process.

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