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FoodEye is the mobile phone App that allows people who are interested in food to access trusted, accurate and up-to-date information about food products and compare those products so they can make better choices about what they eat.

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Trusted Data Source

Images in Space are experts at collecting product data and images across hundreds of brands, standardising the format of the data and distributing the content to retailers and other users.

For brand owners, this single-source solution creates a near-seamless, cost effective routine process for distributing authentic content to retailers and web based information providers.

You can be confident that the information we provide to consumers in Foodeye is complete, accurate and up to date.
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Directly Compare Products

Stack up multiple products and look at the differences between them to decide which one is right for you. Select a nutritional element (like Fat or Sodium) to sort your comparison list by.
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and Make Your Choice

Foodeye makes it easy to see which product best suits your needs, and lets you decide which products you want to eat.

View Detailed Information

FoodEye lets you view the Ingredients list, Nutritional Panel, Allergen statements, Nutritional and Health claims that appear on the pack and Country of Origin.
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in-app advertising

In-App Advertising Opportunities

Foodeye gives you an unparalleled opportunity to cost effectively reach out to your target consumers with our in-App banner advertising.

Banner ads can expand to a full screen promotional web site that is custom designed to show off your product and get your message across.

Sign up customers to a BrandEmail mailing list, offer a discount voucher or promote a new product.

Foodeye Web Site for Users

Foodeye has a supporting web site where users can view help videos for every function in the App, and log in to see their Favourites list, edit their profile, view their Push Notifications and change their password.

Visit the FoodEye web site at
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