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Fetch provides the FMCG community with a feature rich means of acquiring accurate, high quality images and product dimensions for use in Space Management planograms, on-line stores, mobile applications and sales catalogues.
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Getting Online and Mobile

Fetch is the perfect place to make your products available to the digital world and maintain your brand integrity.

By storing your images in Fetch you can be 100% confident that retailers will get automatic access to them for displaying in their on-line stores. Fetch is your insurance for product display on-line to maximise your sales dollars.

The anywhere demand of today's consumer means that new digital media requires a constant supply of real time accurate product information and imagery and Fetch is highly regarded as the one source of the truth that delivers.

Make sure your images are available now, to fulfil the needs of these growing digital markets.

Optimising Planogram Creation

Fetch improves planogram integrity and compliance with accurate dimensions and high quality images. Merchandising is simplified and more efficient when images are used, and the use of accurate dimensions means the right number of products fit on the shelf.

Planogram work-flows are integrated into Fetch. Our bulk search and download feature makes it easy to populate your planograms across whole categories in one easy step.

With one simple subscription to Fetch that covers all categories, access is given to competitor images and dimensions allowing your planograms to be truly representative of the categories in which you operate.
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Giving Your Sales Catalogues Real Grunt

Fetch is the engine behind our customised, on-line sales catalogue tool, Generate. By having all of your products in Fetch a Generate catalogue can be instantly created. The power of Fetch is its ability to store an unlimited variety of data in custom fields that can be presented to different markets in different formats.
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Providing the Foundation for Nutritional Data

When a product is loaded into Fetch we also capture the nutritional data and other information. This includes ingredients list, nutrition information panel, health and nutritional claims, allergen warnings and endorsements.

Suppliers can be confident that accurate data is being recorded and distributed to retailers, consumers, health organisations and market research companies.

Fetch provides the platform for this additional information and ensures consistent results across multiple channels.

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