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Authorised, trusted product data including Ingredient List, Nutritional Information Panel, Allergen Warnings, Health Claims, Nutritional Claims, Endorsements and Country of Origin is brought together in one place.

Foodeye Category Insights

Get the latest insights into the nutritional makeup of your category.

Compare your products or brands with the entire category or selected competitor products.

Reports can be customised to meet your individual requirements and include the data for each individual product.

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Accurate Product Information Authorised by Brand Owners

Brand owners can share relevant product information quickly and easily, building trust with both retailers and consumers.

Consumers can feel confident that the information they access is accurate, no matter how or where they engage with products.

Third party Internet Applications can ensure they are delivering authentic data to their users.

Respond to Demand

Accurate nutritional data is increasingly being sought after.

Consumers, media and health professionals all demand instant access to information about food products that can be searched and sorted in a variety of ways.

We provide a trusted source of accurate nutritional data that meets this increasing demand.
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On-line Shopping Sites

Retailers are looking to provide a greater depth of data to consumers. Images in Space has the mechanisim to capture the necessary data and seamlessly feed it through to retailers on-line stores so it is constantly kept up to date. All you need to do is ensure your products are in our Fetch database.
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Mobile Phone Apps

Leading mobile phone Apps use our nutritional data to educate consumers about food. Accurate comparisons can be made, leading to better choices about what they eat.
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Stay Ahead of Regulations

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 will require changes in the way your product data appears on European e-commerce websites. International retailers can easily access the required data directly from Images in Space in a format that adheres to these new regulations.

In New Zealand, the Food Labelling Law and Policy Review is underway and could lead to changes in product packaging.

We are actively monitoring overseas trends and changes to product labelling regulations to make sure the data continues to meet regulatory standards.

Store Locally. Export Globally

As an exporter you will have international retailers requiring the nutritional data of your products.

Images in Space can directly provide this information to these overseas organisations, simplifying your export communications.

Save time and duplication of effort by putting your products with us. We make it easy for international retailers to access the data and images.
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