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Our Bar Code Verification service utilises the latest Axicon Verifiers that conform to ISO/IEX 15426-1 in conjunction with GS1 standards to produce high quality reports in a convenient manner.

Minimise Lost Sales due to Poor Scanning

Increases efficiency by ensuring the bar code meets GS1 standards and will scan correctly at all points in the supply chain.

Keep consumers happy and avoid delays at the checkout by making sure the bar codes on your products scan correctly.

Saves costly printing mistakes by identifying errors in the bar code construction early, and correcting potential issues at artwork stage.

Convenient and Cost Effective Service

Images in Space is conveniently located within 30km of 90% of Suppliers making it quick to send products to us.

Save time and courier costs by using our verification service while your product is in our studio for photography.

Meet deadlines with our same-day turnaround.

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Images in Space is an independent, New Zealand owned and long established company specialising in complete digital asset management services, from product photography to storage and sharing of digital assets. 
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